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Vote for change, turning the page on the years of Tory financial chaos and division, and for a Labour government that will put economic stability first so that we can invest in public services. We will get the NHS back on its feet, bring down the cost of living, and secure our borders. Vote for a Fresh Start for Plymouth. 

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About Fred

I left the Armed Forces to help Labour win back our country and to fight for a fairer future.

As a Captain in the Royal Marines, I led teams around the world fighting for the values we share and serving our country. But over the last decade it became clear that those values weren’t shared by the Conservative government I served. 


Like so many who serve, I chose to make Plymouth my home, and I'm immensely proud to live in the constituency I want to represent in Westminster. In my free time I love playing football, surfing and climbing.


Ex-marine chosen by Labour to stand against Johnny Mercer in Plymouth

A former Royal Marines captain is aiming to neutralise Johnny Mercer’s electoral “trump card” of having a military service record, after being selected by Labour to stand against the veterans minister at the next general election.

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"Plymouth is not being looked after" Fred tells Labour Annual Conference
Fred's campaign video for Plymouth Moor View


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Are you having to wait for an unusually long time for a GP appointment?


Quality Housing

It's unacceptable that our people are not living in quality accommodation. I want to change that.


Cheaper prices for local people

Local people should not have to pay more and more just to travel short distances where we live.


Lower energy bills 

The Conservatives have let giant oil and gas companies get away with record profits whilst our families in Plymouth are suffering from sky-high energy bills.

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Fred sends out regular updates about his campaign in Plymouth.

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